Our house-sitting profile...

About us

We are Ian and Brigitte.

British and French respectively.

I'm a retired Director of a live and digital comms company, living in rural Cheshire, UK, with my partner Brigitte. We are both educated to degree-level.

Brigitte has dual French/British nationality, and is a mostly retired Director of her own Management Consultancy. She may or may not accompany me on sits, depending on whether she has work commitments.

We are non-smokers.

Neither of us has ever been arrested, or had any criminal or civil conviction of any kind.

We have Advanced Criminal Record Verification via Trusted House Sitters...


For house-sits where vehicles are available, we both have decades of no-claim discounts and have completely clean drivers' licences.

We both love to travel, and have been to almost 60 countries, as well as nearly all 50 U.S. States.

We are keen to undertake sitting opportunities anywhere in the world.

What do we offer?

Exclusively ★★★★★ reviews!

Click here to see them.

We have been invited to return everywhere we have house-sat. Some have become annual events!

For your pets:

We are keen to look after your pets in the way you would want - we fully understand that it's almost like leaving your children with strangers, and that they need love and attention as well as food and water!

For your home:

We offer complete honesty and reliability - we will treat your valuable home and treasured possessions with total respect.

If you have a vegetarian household, we will happily respect that - we are flexible in our diet!

We will also respect your privacy - no rooms will be entered, and no cupboards or drawers will be opened without your prior say-so. We would hate people to nose round our house - and we won't do it to yours.

We will keep your home spotless at all times - not just on the day you return!

We are perfectly happy to do normal gardening and lawn mowing, and to care for your house-plants.

What are we looking for?

Mostly, some peace and quiet!

Relaxation.  A change of scenery.

To care for some lovely pets - new friends!

An opportunity to walk some new paths, and to read lots of new books.

To immerse ourselves in new and different cultures and communities.

Cooking with the local produce.

And to indulge our passion in photography. 

What do we need from you?

Not such a lot...

We are accustomed to and enjoy looking after smaller creatures such as cats, guinea pigs and similar rodents, smaller reptiles, fish, and birds such as budgies, canaries and parrots.

And locusts!

All we would ask in return is written instructions so we look after your pets in just the way you - and they - would like.

For your garden and houseplants, just give us written instructions for anything particularly delicate.

Riding mowers, no problem!

Please note we cannot care for dogs, sorry!

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