Reverand James Denning & Elizabeth Ellerton

My 4th Great Grandparents


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Rev James Denning

Information on family names

I would be grateful for any information regarding the tree below, particularly Rev James Denning (1814-1875?), and where the wonderful family names came from: ‘Vere Denning’, ‘Ffolliot Denning’ and ‘de Winton Denning’..


Rev Denning’s compassion

Rev James Denning was Curate of St Mary's, Brecknock in 1847, later becoming Chaplain of Shrewsbury Jail where he attended an execution of John Mapp in 1868.

"During the last fortnight the Rev. J. Denning, the prison chaplain, was unremitting in his attendance upon the prisoner, and spared no pains to prepare him for his approaching end."

Rev Denning’s opinions of the Welsh and the Irish

Bear in mind he was born in Ireland, and lived in Wales...

The Rev Denning was not an opinionated man at all, as this quotation shows:

“The Reverend James Denning, who gave evidence on ‘Morals’ to the Commissioners, asserted that ‘to all appearances they enjoy their filth and idleness’, a trait he equates as common between the ‘lower order of Welsh and Irish’, both of whom are ‘dirty, indolent, bigoted, and contented’, though the Welsh are also seen as given to activity where moral duplicity is concerned (‘double dealing’) and the women as having a proclivity for drinking ‘quantities of gin’.”

"The Treachery of the Blue Books"

The 1847 Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the state of education in Wales, which became known as The Treachery of the Blue Books, was a major turning point in Welsh history. This book traces the background of the report and its creators.

The report speaks of "Evils of the Welsh Language”.

The Rev Denning was one of the contributors...


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