Melbourne Beach, Florida, U.S.A.

A lovely community on the Atlantic side of Florida. Quite unspoiled.
We were lucky enough to be asked back.

No pets to look after, just the house.
Easy peasy!

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Word of mouth.


The home owner, Susan, said...

"All the laundry was done, and the house was spotless!"

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A great pool.
No pets to care for, but it’s amazing what lives in the trees!
We don’t do crowded beaches...

Aix-en-Provence, France

A beautiful, high-ceilinged 18th century apartment
right in the centre of Aix.

And a crazy cat called Chloe...

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The apartment owner, Bill, said...

"I will invite them to sit again
with pleasure."

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Cours Mirabeau, Aix-en-Provence
Chloe on her perch in the window
Chloe says ‘Hi’!

St Nom la Breteche, Paris, France

An upscale home in the rural Paris commuter belt, it was very handy for both Paris itself and the Palace of Versailles.

We cared for the cat Hermes, and trimmed about a mile of laurel hedges by hand!

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The home owner, Sherry, said...

"We were very very lucky to have Ian and Brigitte housesit for us this summer."

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Hermes insisted on a formal portrait.
A rare object - a garden in Paris!
We bought the broom for sweeping,
but Hermes decided it was for him.

Brookfield, Vermont U.S.A.

A truly luxurious log-cabin on a wooded hillside.
Occasional visits by moose and bears… really!

We are lucky enough to have been invited back again.

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The home owner, Linda, said...

"They were just wonderful!"

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Isis, a delightful American Shorthair.
With acres of lawn, the riding mower was very welcome - and a lot of fun!
Somewhere to rest after the gardening.
Fall colours.
This cat knows how to relax on your lap.
An early morning view, up above the clouds.

Llangollen, Wales

A beautiful cottage in the Welsh hills,
with two cats and an Aga to care for.

Remote and quiet. Apart from the sheep.

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The homeowner, Karen, said...

"All three times he has taken great care of my home and I've returned to calm and relaxed felines."

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The beautiful cottage.
The cats quickly decided the Aga was the warmest place to snooze...
A lovely view from the rear garden!

Indian Wells, California, U.S.A.

A fabulous ranch-style house with a pool, lemon and lime trees, and an inexhaustible supply of fresh grapefruit.

And sunshine. Lots of sunshine.
Over 100ºF was common!

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The home owners, Rick and Satomi, said...

"Can't say enough how wonderful Ian and Brigitte were
and the care they showed for both our home and our cats."

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The house, the trees and the mountains, classic Coachella.
The back garden and pool.
Endless grapefruit, lucky I’m not on statins!
 Wearing a fur coat in hundred degree heat!
A cat with table manners.
What do you do when it’s 107ºF?
Knit a wooly jumper, of course!
Handy for the Joshua Tree National Park. Which U2 can visit, if you’ll excuse the pun.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

Newcastle-upon-Tyne is truly one of the world’s greatest cities. Wonderful architecture and vistas, and it absolutely fizzes with energy.

It is one of only two cities to have seven different types of river bridge.
The other is Gateshead ;-)

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The home owner, Jo, said...

"He was laid back about everything
and seemed to just get on with it!"

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A roomy and characterful house.
Otto - now you see him...
…and now you don’t.

Issy les Moulineaux, Paris, France

Issy is a lovely suburb of Paris, an easy walk to the centre of Paris… it’s also on a Metro line.

It was a real pleasure to care for two lovely cats.

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The home owner, Tracy, said...

"Very trustworthy and recommend him without hesitation."

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A spacious and modern house.
Two easy to care for cats.
…and as a bonus, the Relais de Venise is easily walkable. They only have one dish on the menu. Steak.

Diss, Norfolk, England

An amazing barn conversion.

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The home owner, Susie, said...

"It was lovely to arrive home and everything being neat and tidy."

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A gorgeous Olde English country garden.
The most chilled cat ever,
appropriately named “Easy”.
Relaxed country living at its finest.

At the same time as the barn was being built, Cortés’s Spanish army
was defeating the Aztecs in Mexico...
and Catherine of Aragon gave birth to her first child..!

Aberdeen, Scotland

The “Beast from the East” snowstorm didn’t stop me driving 370 miles to a fabulous granite house in a city where I have many ancestral links...

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The home owner, Elizabeth, said...

"Ian was the most wonderful sitter."

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Playful Maisie, between meals...
My 7th great grandfather…
William Chalmers, twice Provost of Aberdeen
Relaxing Maisie, dreaming of her next meal...

Home Sweet Home

We don’t need to house-sit
as we have one of our own.

We choose to house-sit as we enjoy visiting new places and actually living there for a while - it’s so different from simply staying in an hotel or motel.

And, we’ve made some great new friends!

How we started sitting...

It all started when friends told us how they managed to spend each winter in Australia...

It was simple. They looked after luxury houses for people who needed to be away.

It had never occurred to us as something we could do.

But we gave it a try... and haven’t looked back!

For your security...

We have had a Criminal Records Bureau* check via Trusted House Sitters website, and now have their highest Verification Level...

You can link to it here.

The Criminal Record Check involves liaising with National Police Computers to verify and disclose all unspent convictions for the last five years.

Websites we use...

We are registered with three websites for our house-sitting… click on them to see our profiles.